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Adelaide's home appliance specialist, Distinctive Appliance has many years of industry experience and has developed a proven network of other professionals to customers near and far. This, along with our talented team allows us to provide a wide range of services. From appliance maintenance for property developers to sourcing a wide range of spare parts, we can do it all at Distinctive Appliance. So don't throw out that home appliance just yet. Get your money's worth out of it!

Home appliance in Adelaide


Distinctive Appliance in Adelaide can carry out minor or major appliance repairs on a large range of appliances and brands. Our skilled technicians have the experience and know-how to fix your home appliance and save you potentially hundreds of dollars. Before you replace your appliance with a newer model, speak with our team today.

Gas cooker in action


As well as doing repairs, we also offer home appliance sales. We have a showroom which displays appliances repaired by our technicians. Our products are offered at excellent prices and come with a guarantee. On top of this, our technicians can come to your home and expertly install the appliance in your home.

The drum of a washing machine

Spare parts

At Distinctive Appliance, we have a spare parts warehouse which stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts and brands for various makes and models. This allows us to complete home appliance repairs quickly as, more often than not, we will have the part that you need in our warehouse, rather than having to order it.